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13 Apr '23 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

Dealer Feedback: Rating 8.9 out of 10!  

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The Jekill and Hyde Company recently carried out their yearly dealer survey, where our dealers were asked diverse questions concerning our products, services, and collaborative efforts. This was done because we value the feedback received from our dealers, which we consider invaluable in our quest for continuous improvement and identifying areas that require changes. This article provides a summary of the findings from the survey.

Our dealers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with the proficiency and expertise of our account managers in handling questions and fulfilling requests. Additionally, we have received excellent ratings on the balance between price and quality of our products, the user-friendly interface of our dealer portal, and the transparent communication of new products and updates through newsletters and our website. 

While we strive for seamless operations, we understand that not everything can always go according to plan. Therefore, we sought input from our dealers on how we can improve our services. They provided us with some valuable suggestions and advice, which we will definitely implement. We will, for example, even further tweak our dealer portal. These improvements will enhance the functionality of the portal even more, making it easier for dealers to access important information and complete necessary tasks.

Additionally, we recognize that fast and reliable delivery is a key factor in customer satisfaction, and we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. As such, we will continue to strive to improve our delivery times to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

Rating 8.9 out of 10
Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde has received a rating of 8.9 out of 10, which reflects the high level of satisfaction among our partners. Thanks a lot for this great rating! This feedback is a testament to our commitment to providing excellent services and support to our dealers. We will continue to strive for excellence and ensure that our dealers receive the best experience possible.

Winner Custom Fire Barrel
Congratulations! Harley-Davidson Center of Alsace has won the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Custom Fire Barrel in the dealer survey raffle. We extend our appreciation to all the survey participants for their valuable feedback, including suggestions for areas of improvement. It is rewarding to have received such positive responses. We hope the winner and their colleagues enjoy the Custom Fire Barrel!

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