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Motorcycles are remarkably personal and intimate items. Life is too short to ride a motorcycle that doesn’t make you smile every time you ride it. With so many options out there, there’s no reason to settle for something less than exactly what you want. 

We understand this need and are delighted to work with several custom builders around the world. Custom builders provide customers with bikes that aren't available through mainstream channels. Completely tailored to individual needs.

On this page you can find a selection of unique custom projects with several of our respected custom friends. Cause we only built with the best.

chopper kultureProject 21

When Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde started the project to develop a 2-in-1 clubstyle/performance exhaust, we knew we needed a special bike to showcase it. This should not just be a clubstyle bike... no this had to be next level; a bike that would stand out from te crowd and make heads turn when it would ride past you. Therefor it makes us proud that we can present Project 21 to you; a true california clubstyle Low Rider S, that combines the best features from design and looks on the one hand and performance and handling on the other.

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Harley-Davidson DüsseldorfThe Hulk

Check out this Harley-Davidson FXDR custom bike, called 'The Hulk'. Designed and created by our friends at Harley-Davidson Düsseldorf. What a beast! Green, mean and monstrous. Just the way we like it! Equipped with a working proto of 'The Demon' by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.

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Indian FTR 1200 Custom The Red Hyde

One of our most enthusiastic and long-lasting partners, CM.Motorcycles, took on the challenge to create a Custom Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde FTR 1200 S, called The Red Hyde. And we dare to say, it's a beauty!

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Thunderbike The Vendekee

Custom at his finest. The pride of The Jekill and Hyde Company: The Vendekee. It is the eye-catcher that draws the most attention at bike shows and more than once people have wanted to buy it.


The Vendekee

This bike is what Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde stands for: the finest quality and the ultimate performance. 

blacktrackmotors THE BT03

Built around a monstrous Harley-Davidson power plant, the BT-03 is a contemporary café racer with low weight, sharp handling and quality components. Undoubtedly a collector's item.



Check out the full story here.

nagel motors The Transformation

A BMW R nineT with literally two faces. We were wondering… what if the Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde effect could be made visible? We present you “The Transformation”. 


The Transformation

Read more about this extreme and radical eye-catcher.

South East Motorcycles Custom Fat Boy

The Jekill and Hyde Company supported South-East Motorcycles with an electronically adjustable exhaust system in their journey to the coolest custom bike at the European Biker Build-Off 2018.


Custom Fat Boy

Read more about this cool project with South East Motorcycles.

over 30 years in the sceneThunderbike Customs

Thunderbike builds custom Motorcycles since 1985. Based in Hamminkeln (Germany) Thunderbike is one of the leading manufacturers of bikes & parts for Harley-Davidson. We are very proud that Thunderbike very often chooses Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhausts in their unique and spectacular projects.

Thunderbike Customs

View the website of this unique custom builder here.

nagel motorsThe Husky: a bike like no other

The trigger for this project was Harley & Snow; a yearly event where riders with Harleys and other bikes race up a ski slope, or fall down while trying.


The Husky

A bike like no other. Read more about this one of a kind BMW.

the best customizers in the worldBattle of the kings 2019

Battle of the Kings is an annually returning Harley-Davidson custom competition between the very best customizers in the world. In 2019 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhausts are used for as many as seven bikes in this prestigious contest.

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Battle of the kings 2019

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Do you own a special, cool, unique, one of a kind custom bike with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde system? Than send us your details and a picture of your bike. The best contributions will be featured on our website and social media, or maybe even will be invited for a professional photoshoot at our headquarters.


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