The Exhaust: a clean look inside
27 Feb '19 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

The Exhaust: a clean look inside

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As good as an exhaust may look from the outside, usually it is the inside that matters. Of course a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust systems looks good, but what can be found on the inside, is the reason why riders love our system. When our engineers develop an exhaust system, extensive testing is one of the key elements before taking any further steps or going into production. It takes computer simulations, prototypes and much more to create the perfect exhaust.


The ‘old school’ way

When subduing an exhaust to several tests, our engineers want to know what happens inside. But how can you do that? Well, one would expect to take some tools and cutting it open. However considering that that during this point in the process every prototype is a hand crafted system, you can imagine that cutting it open, would immediately require the building of a new exhaust for any further testing.

What if you could look inside without destroying or even touching the exhaust? Our research & development department keeps on finding new ways to speed up the process and actually do extensive work on an exhaust without harming the prototype. They do this by ‘looking’ inside without the use of a milling machine.


A visit to the ‘doctor’

We all have been to the doctor or the dentist for an X-Ray taken to see what is fine and what is broken inside. That’s when one of our engineers thought: “when you can make an X-ray of a limb, why not from an exhaust?” No sooner said than done. We packed up a few of our exhausts and brought them to a specialized x-ray facility - a concrete bunker. This X-ray method is categorized as nuclear fuel. Needless to say, staying in the room while the X-Ray is made, could seriously decrease your life expectancy. It goes without saying that all X-rays are taken under the highest safety precautions and the results give our engineers a unique, non-destructive, look inside an exhaust. With this extra information we can see what kind of effects heat and other factors have on the valve, the catalyst and the other elements of The Exhaust.

Developing an exhaust system is an extensive process which takes time, countless tests, measurements and fact finding. Using a specialized X-Ray machine speeds up this process and is another step of giving you as a customer a smooth ride with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.

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