'Project 21' - Softail Low Rider S Custom Bike

Project 21 -  A bike to melt the asphalt!

When Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde started the project to develop a 2-in-1 clubstyle/performance exhaust, we knew we needed a special bike to showcase it. This should not just be a clubstyle bike... no this had to be next level; a bike that would stand out from te crowd and  make heads turn when it would ride past you.

This bike should not be 'just another clubstyle bike', this bike had to be unique. This meant that we wanted to team up with partners, like-minded indivduals and companies from within the Harley-scene, but also from outside. We wanted only the best parts from the best suppliers. We decided that our Low Rider S, should not only look awesome, but it had to be a performance beast!

Therefor it makes us proud that we can present Project 21 to you; a true california clubstyle Low Rider S, that combines the best features from design and looks on the one hand and performance and handling on the other.

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The builder Chopper Kulture

When we had to choose who would be the builder of our custom bike, the choice was made very quickly; Mario Kyprianides from Chopper Kulture would be the ideal man for the job. 

With decades of experience and winning many prizes with his clubstyle FXR, it was a no-brainer that he would be the man who would make our stock Low Rider S into the asphalt melting mean machine it is now. It was time to show the world that he could not only turn the most old school clubstyle bike (the FXR) into something totally unique, but that he could also turn the most modern Softail Low Rider S into a beast, that would see other bikes only in its rearview mirror!

More Chopper Kulture

mario kyprianides

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The bike is revealed

Project 21

The best in the industry Partners

To make sure we would deliver the ultimate clubstyle/performance bike, we teamed up with renown partners from the industry. They provided the best parts you can find in today's market to create the bike you see today.

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An insight into Project 21

Virtual tour with Mario Kyprianides

suspension Hyperpro

Project 21 offers nothing but the best! Therefore we asked Hyperpro Suspension Technology to provide us with custom, progressive suspension for this M8 powerhouse. And boy did they deliver! The supplied us with a new back suspension, that is not only better, but also gave the bike a 1,5 inch lift for more ground clearance. We also exchanged the original springs in the front end for more performance oriented Hyperpro spings!

Hyperpro website


seat saddlemen

One main part of riding is sitting on your ass. So it better be comfortable. Sadllemen has provided us with a premium step up seat with extra back support, making sure that when you pop a wheelie you don’t fall off your bike. The diamond-cut stiching gives the seat a premium look and clubstyle appearance. The gripper back makes sure you stay on the bike when you a gnarly wheelie. The final touch is provided by the carbob-look sides and the 'Project 21' stitching. 

Saddlemen website

brakes and Calipers Brembo

We are very proud Brembo decided to team up with Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde with their famous high performance brakes and calipers. Even when that wall is getting way too close, Brembo is there to help. Brembo improves the performance, aesthetics and comfort of the brakes on your motorcycle. Brembo is the world leader in the design, development and production of braking system and components for cars, motorbikes, and industrial vehicles.

Brembo website

the look Chikos Pinstriping

Behold! The king of custom painting and pinstriping ‘Chikos Pinstriping’ has added some awesome graphics to our Project 21 custom bike to give the one and only LA clubstyle feel. A must if you want your clubstyle bike to stand out!

Chikos Pinstriping website

Oil Motul

Without good oil, you can forget it... That is why we are proud that Motul is sponsoring Project 21 to make it all go smooth! Producing high-performance motor oils and industrial lubricants for 165+ years. Motul enjoys worldwide premium reputation and is unanimously recognised for the quality of its products and capacity to innovate.

Motul website


carbon side panels Italian Performance Parts

The Project 21 Custom bike contains several beautiful carbon side panels by Italian Performance Parts, and part of an unique collection of aftermarket carbon fiber body parts for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Italian-made, 100% carbon fiber, best quality.

Italian Performance Parts website

Indicators Kellermann

The smallest blinker with the brightest light! The project 21 custom is equipped with the Atto Dark blinkers from Kellermann. These blinkers set trends in the market and open up a new world on how to personalize your motorcycle.

Kellermann website

Tires Metzeler Cruisetec

‘Performance perfected’ - Cruisetec offers great handling, line taking and holding. Just what the Project 21 Low Rider S performance beast needs. The innovative compounds and their layout on the rear tyre blend performance into tyre strength, required by motorcycles with plenty of torque. The consistency of its performance provides incomparable riding pleasure during its entire lifespan.

Metzeler website

Cam chest and vented dipstick Feuling

An upgrade for any M8 or any Twincam as a matter or fact! We took it to another level with this Feuling Parts cam chest kit. This Clubstyle Lowrider S will be a scream! The Feuling vented dipsticks remove unwanted build-up of blow by pressure in the oil tank. Fueling Parts provided us with some hand crafted dipsticks to assure maximum performance. 

Feuling website

factory frankfurt

Handlebars Factory Frankfurt

Not only did Factory Frankfurt provide us with input on the exhaust, they also made sure our Project 21 bike got some handmade handlebars to give this bike the look and feel it needs! And last but not least they also made sure we had the bike equipped with footpegs from Flo Motorsports.

Factory Frankfurt website

Fairing Memphis Shades

No clubstyle project is really finished without a fairing. What better choice than Memphis Shades to give your front of your bike that clean, aggressive look. Fairing specialist Memphis Shades provided us with the characteristic Road Warrior - a clear choice for riders who want a unique custom fairing and face out of the wind.

Memphis Shades website

Hand controls, grips, mirrors and rear brake caliper adapter Rebuffini

From mechanical workshop to specialists in Harley-Davidson’s servicing and customization: Rebuffini speaks the language of passion, specialization and customization. The company provided us with hand controls, a grip, mirrors and a rear brake caliper adapter. All details that give the custom bike a distinguished and sporty look, blending perfectly with all the other parts.

Rebuffini website

Front fork upper tubes, carbon sprocket and carbon clutch cover CeraCarbon

CeraCarbon offers a new patented material in which the advantages of carbon-fibre (light and strong) is combined with ceramics for wear resistance. By applying this technology, CeraCarbon has developed a carbon sprocket and front fork tubes for our Project 21 custom bike. This kit made sure that the original front can be manually adjusted between 0 and 1,5 inch. The material is significantly lighter than steel or aluminium and has a lifespan comparable to steel and significantly longer (3x) than aluminium.

CeraCarbon website

skidplate Speed Merchant

Speed Merchant is a team of like-minded, hard-working guys who provided Project 21 with an awesome Skidplate. The hand crafted protective skid plates provides a unique look to the front of the bike. Though it is not easily achieved, Speed Merchant does not compromise when it comes to the combination of beauty and function. It is evident in each part that they produce, Speed Merchant puts quality first.

Speedmerchant website

coating MBT

MBT has been our regular partner for all powder coating activities regarding pour exhaust systems for several years now. So for this project it was only logical to ask them to work together. They coated all the gold and gloos black parts on the bike. MBT has very extensive powder coating specialist knowledge, which they have acquired over 20 years of experience.

MBT website

custom chrome europe

Air intake, brake lines and clutch cable Custom Chrome

Custom Chrome designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. The Company is one of the largest independent suppliers of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. With thousands of unique product offerings, Custom Chrome anticipates and fulfills the aftermarket needs of the V-Twin motorcycle industry through a network of independent dealers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Custom Chrome website

tuning Don Performance

In order to get the performance your bike deserves, tuning is a step towards perfection. That’s why we’ve asked Performance Master Don to help us to get the best out of our Project 21 custom bike. The result is astonishing and makes the bike really stand out from the crowd. 

Don Performance website

don performance

gaskets Cometic gasket

These guys are the best in the game. Cometic Gasket is official Sponsor of our Project 21 custom bike and offers the highest quality gaskets in the market! Cometic is the leading worldwide supplier of gaskets and engine sealing solutions for championship-winning vehicles. Cometic understands pressure and is approved by the greats in the industry.

Cometic website

the exhaust Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

And of course, the bike is equipped with our own new 'Twenty-One' exhaust. This performance-oriented clubstyle exhaust brings the finishing touch to the bike.

The Twenty-One