The Supreme custom by Indian Motorcycle Písek
26 Apr '22 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

The Supreme custom

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The new Chief is a bike that is already proven to be a great success for Indian Motorcycle; with its perfect handling, awesome looks and room for customisation it was the bike many people were waiting for. It comes to no surprise that The Jekill and Hyde Company would be developing an exhaust for this bike. But what better way to emphasize this exhaust than with a completely customized Chief? 

In capable hands

Over the years Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde established a great relationship with Indian Motorcycle Písek, who also organise the Indian Riders Festival, which is the biggest gathering of Indian Riders within Europe. But there is one more thing that sets the dealership apart from the rest; customising. Or to rephrase that: Míra Žižka and his team. For Míra customizing is not only a matter of building something, it has to be something special, something really handmade and something he can be proud of. Safe to say that our Indian Chief would be in capable hands after we handed it over to Míra.



When exchanging ideas about what kind of custom the bike should be, from the beginning it was clear that it should not be an old school bobber. This bike should represent speed and power. The idea of a dragster type of bike started to take shape and Míra started working with our ideas and his own vision. Speed was also a factor when it came to the time, not only to the style of the bike. To make a bike like this would usually take about 5 months, but was eventually done in only 3!


The end result

Since the customizers were a bit secretive of what they were actually making, it goes without saying that here at The Jekill and hyde Company we were getting more and more curious about the end result. When the bike was finally revealed we couldn’t be happier: this bike represents speed and power like no other. The bike caries the same name as the exhaust; The Supreme and that name says it all, since this bike is really something different! Not only from the looks but also from the manufacturing. The Supreme is the result of some real custom building. So many parts were made completely made by hand, like the tank and fenders. Or what to think of the full aluminium grips? You almost get dizzy when you look at the psychedelic paintjob, which has never been done like this on a bike. Every detail has a story to tell and is made with the utmost care. 

On tour

The pictures you see here can only capture so much of the bike; it is truly something you have to see for yourself. Lucky for you the bike can be seen (and heard of course) at one of the many events during this season!

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