Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde off-road training
30 Mar '22 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde off-road training

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Here at the Jekill and Hyde Company most of us are avid riders. We have branched out to different types of bikes, but our main segment is the chopper/cruiser part of the motorcycle world.

"I think it was super valuable to check out the current company developments and especially to experience them live!" Rüdiger, account manager in Germany. 

So when Harley-Davidson released the Pan-America it was really something new. The manufacturer who was known for the traditional bikes that roamed the world’s highways, all of a sudden came out with a bike that could be ridden beside aforementioned highways. The Pan America is a bike to take on the road less travelled and to go off the beaten path. That there would be a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust for this bike was of course a given, but we thought to take it one step further.


"It was a very interesting and instructive day. I am very happy that these activities are organized at our company." told Cedric, after sales France.

Just before the release of ‘The Nomad’ as the exhaust is called, we wanted our own people get a feeling for not only the exhaust and the bike, but also the segment the bike is a part of. What do we mean by that? Those of us who were used to the big bikes on the highway had to get out of their comfort zone and get on an adventure bike. Under the careful guidance of the riding instructors of Berrt everyone got their first training before it was time to take the bikes out for a tour.

"Off-road was a new experience for most of us. Immersing ourselves in the adventure world for a day was very valuable." Frank, sales representative Scandinavia / UK.

At the evening barbecue everyone had a lot to talk about from the new experiences that were gained. One thing is for sure though, we took another big step into the world of adventure / offroad riding. If you are interested in getting your adventure skills to the next level, you can always have a look at the website of Berrt. And finally: if you want to give your Harley-Davidson Pan America the best upgrade, check out our online configurator and order The Nomad today.

Special thanks to BERRT Allroad Reizen en Trainingen

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