The Valve | The heart of our product

The Valve

The Valve

The valve is the heart of our product and makes our exhaust system truly unique. Thanks to the valve, the sound of our exhaust systems is electronically adjustable in three positions*, so that you can always choose the mode that suits your needs as a motorcyclist.

* Blackbox systems (motorcycles without CAN bus) offer two sound modes.

closed Dr. Jekill Mode

The Valve is closed. The Jekill mode is designed to blend in with your environment and become one with your surroundings. Perfect for long journeys and travelling through crowded areas.


opened Mr. Hyde mode

When your surroundings allow it, you can unleash Mr. Hyde and give your bike maximum performance. Feel the power of your bike and set free your inner beast. Experience a sensation that no stock exhaust can offer you.

half-opened Dynamic mode

The mode in between Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde. Close to a stock exhaust but much more distinct.

How it sounds


Listen and enjoy the different sound modes of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde. 
Push a button to start.

Dr. Jekill Mode
Mr. Hyde Mode
Dynamic Mode

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How it works

push play

Change your personality by simply clicking a button

When you start your bike the valve is always closed. When you push the button on your handlebars once, the valve will open up completely and your exhaust is set in the performance mode. Click it again and the valve fully closes again. When you double click the button, the valve will be opened to 50% and you ride in the dynamic mode*.

*For riders with a blackbox the mode is determined by how long you push the button.