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26 Jul '19 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

To 'catch' the sound

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Creating the perfect sound for an exhaust is a complex process that is on the one hand based on taste, but also on science. For example some sounds are proven to be more pleasant than others. The Jekill and Hyde Company has sound engineers that work on creating the sound that is desired by the biker, but is also not a disturbance of the biker’s surroundings. When you are judging a certain exhaust sound, the only thing to do so, is to listen to the actual exhaust, since a recording never captures ‘the real thing’. Or so we thought…


Always looking for the perfect sound

Innovation is one of the main elements to stay relevant as a company. Efficiency is vital to stay relevant. Innovation of work processes leads to efficiency. To achieve this a company needs automation and the proper tooling. To make the perfect exhaust, the perfect sound is one of the most tricky factors. To really judge the different sounds The Jekill and Hyde Company needed proper tooling to record and play sound.

Head Acoustics

Our employee Luka Meyers was at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart, looking for equipment to record the exhaust systems that could withstand outside disturbances. During his visit he met with the company HEAD acoustics and he was enthusiastic about their equipment and the way they handled their projects.

Together with another colleague, Sjoerd Ottenheim, Luka wanted to visit them again to see if there were possibilities for a cooperation. It was decided to test one of their recording devices: the SQuadriga II. We used the device and the accompanying software to describe the process of capturing sound and sound design.


Listen to Dr. Jekill & Mr. hyde, wherever you are

After the tests proved to be successful, we decided to continue to work with HEAD acoustics and we now have a SQuadriga III at our disposal. This offers many opportunities for The Jekill and Hyde Company. It is now possible to record a new exhaust at the facility in Belfeld, send the file to foreign colleagues and they hear the exact sound of the motorcycle exhaust.

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