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26 Feb '19 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

Battle of the Kings 2019 - Vote now!

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Battle of the Kings is an annually returning Harley-Davidson custom competition between the very best customizers in the world. Their challenge is to build a unique custom from a standard Harley-Davidson model. More than 200 dealers from 30 countries are competing and building unique, groundbreaking Harleys with only their imagination, skills and a budget of no more than half the cost of the original model.

This year Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhausts are used for as many as seven bikes in this prestigious contest.

Vote for your favourite bike!

The battle starts with a public vote to come up with a shortlist of the favourite bikes per country. This shortlist provides a National Winner per country. The National Winners will compete with each other to reach the final. The final will be held at EICMA Milan, where an experienced jury will choose the ultimate winner: the ultimate Custom King 2019.

Of course it would be a blast if one of the contesting bikes with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust won, but we encourage you to choose the bike that fits your taste best.

"The Gray" - Harley-Davidson Bergstrasse


"Slim Bobber" - Harley-Davidson Zürich


"Slim Jim" - Harley-Davidson Düsseldorf


"Phoenix" - Arni Customs


"Janus" - Marc Hardmeier


"High Voltage" - Harley-Davidson St. Pölten


"Eleanore" - Peter Sponagel

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