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04 May '21 Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde | News

Pre-order The Beat for BMW R18!

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Until now you probably knew Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde from the electronically adjustable exhausts for the several BMW models, such as the GS and RnineT. However, it’s the chopper and cruiser segment where the name Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde is most often heard. That’s why we couldn’t have been more excited when we heard about the BMW R18; a bike that makes us combine all our expertise when it comes to sound, design and performance. Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde proudly presents The Beat for BMW R18. Available to pre-order now!

Make every beat count

Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde has created a street legal, electronically adjustable exhaust that lets you hear and feel the iconic punch of the 1800cc boxer engine and discover the real soul and sound of the BMW R18. As much as we already love the Boxer-engine, it is our firm belief that our exhaust system can strongly highlight the unique and distinguished BMW sound. While developing The Beat, our sound engineers always had the distinct Boxer engine sound as a guidence to shape the sound of this new exhaust. Creating a deep rumble with only a deep bass with no treble, yet close to the classic and widely known punch of the Boxer engine. 

3 sound modes

Like every other BMW exhaust system The Beat is equipped with three sound modes. By a simple push of a button on the handlebars a valve inside the muffler closes, opens or opens halfway, which gives the rider the possibility to easily adjust the sound to the moment

Long or short? You decide!

One of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde’s most important values is the rider’s possibility to choose. Not only the preferred sound mode, but also the looks and design of the exhaust. In terms of size you can choose between a long and a short version, both available in black and chrome. For both exhausts we offer end caps in different variations. 

More info?

Everything you want to know about The Beat can be found on our dedicated landing page: information, soundclips, videos and more. And while you are at it; start configuring and pre-order your brand new exhaust for the BMW R18. Make every beat count!

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